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Privacy, simplicity (well, somewhat), and utility come together. Great example: @session_app and the concept of @Lokinet_org "Snapps" (websites) - lots of neat use cases! Session is a fork of Signal that strips out ALL privileges and tracking. I hear Voice/Video coming soon...

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I play a lot with different kinds of layering networks. It's so fun seeing the tech approaches to privacy. From @torproject, i2p, @HelloZeroNet (possibly abandonware but still neat), to my newest one @Lokinet_org by @Oxen_io - really fascinating to see...

You know you are working a hard problem when you are on day 7 and only page 3 of the strategy.


I finally found a worse support experience than cable tv support. Apple support is ... wow. They bar where they start and assume you are is lower than any bar I've ever seen. "Do you know how to turn on your device?" Me: "let's skip to page 87..."

Tusker is finally in public beta, three years to the day after the first commit!

You can join by following the instructions at this link: (required iOS 14).

If you run into issues or have any feedback, just send me a message. I hope you like it!

Demo of viewing a non-pixelfed remote group.

We're almost there folks! 🚀 #groups #pixelfed

Ahh Mondays - where meetings never stop and statuses never update.

"Guys help, I can’t figure out how to leave this restaurant"

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I have some exciting professional news to share!

The Sloan Foundation has generously funded "Collaborating on Software Archiving for Institutions" #CoSAI, with 3 streams of work:

1) technical development on open source, decentralized toolkit for software archiving & replay; 2) community building and education on software archiving; and 3) optimizing machine and human workflows

Psyched that this is a big collaborative project, feat. the one and only @wilkie

Read more:

Shameless plug - if you want to check out my little business, I offer a couple of neat hosted solutions like Mastodon relay, NextCloud Talk High Perf Backend, Big Blue Button, and a few other shiny things. Check me out at

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