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**What to expect from the world's sixth mass extinction**

"Humans alive today are witnessing the beginning of the first mass extinction in 65 million years. What does biodiversity loss mean for us and the environment?"

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So. I'm hosting two sessions at the same time in 30 minutes. Let's see how this goes. lol

Iced tea just splurted from my nose!
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If the word gigabytes (GB) is verbalized as “gigs” I propose that terabytes (TB) be referred to as “tubs”

So...I turned her off. Let's see if that helps. Alternatively, I could also stop working at 5PM, but that won't do either. 🤷‍♂️

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Past few months, I've been "annoyed" around this time of day, and I just figured out why. Viva, without fail, sends me an alert 30 minutes before my 5PM to "mindfully disconnect and wrap up my day" which is nice but also bullshit cause I work 14-hour days. My 5PM is never the end

Nine kids in NY apartment fire and @bobsaget … 2022 going shitty so far.

Is there a point at which this “operation lone star” crap threatens the Texas National Guards readiness for federal service in an actual emergency? @BetoORourke ?

The psychology behind this is real. It’s fascinating and disturbing
How Apple’s iMessage sealed its dominance with an army of texting teens.

The amazing Architecture Center delivers another great set of material!
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Awesome new Quantum content has collapsed to state "published" in the Azure Architecture Center: Quantum DevOps:, Quantum CI/CD:, Tightly/Loosely coupled quantum…

Huzzah!! @TMobile turned on 5GUC in my hood today!!! Omg it’s so dreamy swoon!

I see a lot about how crummy @Tesla presales support is. I too experienced it (bat shit crazy disaster), but I did at least get my beloved car. You know what's even worse? @TeslaSolar support - two weeks and counting to get an answer on installation & usage questions.

One of the other “Derek Martins” is now being paid by dailypay app and I get to see how much he is making cause I get an email each day. Also, apparently he passed the drug test…good boy.

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Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney in front row of GOP side on House floor

I had to buy a mouse today. A MOUSE. I've gone through 2 mice in my entire adult life and BOTH died today. Send thoughts.

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