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I've thought about this. I can't fathom being embalmed so I can't decompose, and just sit there for N years. That seems way grosser than becoming fertilizer for a pretty tree, or something. The decomposing part is gross to think about, but, cremation gets it done fast. No?
Less than 40% of Americans are being traditionally buried after they die-- with the majority now being cremated. It's a trend seen throughout much of the western…

My baby boy (#3) gets me. I asked him for a bubble sippy (aka, sparkling water) - he brings me a beer!

This is FABULOUS for anyone that needs to quickly sling ISOs of various builds and patches.
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Some of you may remember that I was working on a GUI for UUP Media Creator for Windows not so long ago. Today I'm happy to report that this project has reached an important milestone and the GUI fully functional is live in the Microsoft Store 🚀

Oh heck yeah. @ATT
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.@ATT: Making the connection between sedition, oppression, and white nationalism

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This is Windows 10 & Windows 11 🪟 running via QEMU on Ubuntu, with each running via WSL2. If you need highly optimised ⚡ SPICE enable desktop VMs on 🐧 then this was achieved using Quickemu, my wrapper for QEMU. It can also run macOS🍏


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WHAT WE FOUND in our investigation into former President Trump’s campaign to pressure DOJ to overturn the 2020 Election.


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