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If you would like to relay, I have an open one you can use in the . Only requirement is to not be a trash human 😁

Shew - had some fun this morning tracking down and blocking a whole server of garbage humans from federation. I enjoyed that - less so about their content.

First, one of my favorite Chrome extensions stuffed badware into itself causing it to get blocked, now my favorite file mover gets it too? Bleh

Screaming kids is an incredibly effective way to blow my productivity. Thankfully, we have noise canceling headphones.

If I'm being honest, one year into the pandemic feels like a lifetime has past. But being with the family, while exhausting, has been nice.

Wife got new iPhone 12 today. No plug for the USBC to Lightning adapter. She is furious!

So much news I don't even know how/where to start consuming. But I try. In other personal news, parents got their second vaccine and that makes me over the moon happy!

It must be incredibly disheartening to have such an open and shut case knowing full well that it doesn't matter and the former President walks away unscathed.

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