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This impeachment hearing is just astounding. Such a great pile of evidence. Can't wait to see how much more badly the former President's lawyers can be (if possible) from yesterday.

HA - can I sign up for this? Facebook will temporarily show less political content to some users - CNBC

Powerful testimony from the House managers. Cannot possibly fathom what sort of rebuttal will be on display next, but one thing is for certain - it will be bat shit crazy.

I love this - normal political drama. Best part is - it's a reasonable thing to be mad about. The other side of the coin? It'd be good to know what the press is gonna ask, so, you know, the press secretary can have an informed response.

I now have 22 projects queued up that were personal learning, nerd projects that have yet to get done or are in various states of progress. One would have thought time to work during the age of corona would have gone up - nay...the opposite has transpired!

Yesterday, I had 90 minutes scheduled for me to write a blog - cause it's important to me. 4 minutes in, the wheels came off. Having six kids is fun, but zoiks, there's never enough time for, well, anything.

This is nice - not sure why we couldn't get this done last year. Now, we need to get back into the Open Skies Treaty!

If anyone knows someone that runs - I really enjoy the Google news and Hacker news feed - would love if they'd relay.

Happy to see some people found my open relay, surprised they were able to find it, but it's open for good! Just don't be a Nazi or a fascist and you can stay. Or anime porn, that's really weird. lol

Firefox adds this and Brave adds IPFS - seems like browsers are becoming service providers.

Good morning world. It's a special kind of day - Monday - where nothing gets done because everything is due!

I watched the first press briefing by the new administration yesterday with delight and glee at the normalcy of it.

I really enjoy using Brave browser. It's still not my default on my my default PC, but it's a close second. This makes it even better!

I totally get this. Also, this is not smart. The federal government should play the premiere roll here, not the states. Given the way the federal government has handled this, however, I totally get it. Google News: Cuomo wants New York to buy Covid vaccine directly from Pfizer - NBC News

The stakes are high for Biden's inaugural address. Here's what to expect. - NBC News

Mmmm are they though? Pretty sure the bar is at “don’t incite an insurrectionist mob” and we can call it a success!

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