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Leave it to Congress to turn something so consequential into a drudgery of parliamentary procedure.

Starting soon - it should be required to show proof of vaccination before doing just about anything.

U.S. to require negative Covid-19 tests for international air passengers

Got a new server into my hosted relay. It's not big but maybe it'll grow! All are welcome*, just DM me.

They should be expelled for inciting sedition.

Google News: Over a Dozen Lawmakers Joined Crowds on Day of Capitol Riot - NBC4 Washington

I doubt some of these people would know what a data center looked like if it landed in their yard.

Leaked memos Amazon warn 'be vigilant' due to threats to blow up data centers

Gosh. Maybe they shouldn’t have spent four years egging these people on.

Google News: ‘There will be folks who try to kill us,’ says Republican congressman on going against Trump - CNBC

"Some" White House advisors fear the dear leader's final few days in office.... SOME. Pft.

WOW - $600 for the previous 6 months when most families have >$1k PER MONTH. It's not nothing, but it is LITERALLY the least they could do above "fuck you"

Government extension after extension is so lame. Just compromise you dopes.

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