Stupid paywall, but the gist is - more office space needed cause we’re spreading out and not sitting on top of each other in cube farms. That said - I’ll still be home 100% and that’s okay too!

.@NASAVoyager 1, the first interstellar explorer, has relied on infrequent shock waves to measure the density of the stuff between the stars. But now, we’ve found another way — a faint, continuous whisper that may allow scientists to gather unbroken data.

We have removed like counts from Discover, Hashtag and Profile pages.

Like counts on posts will be replaced with "Liked by" and the count will only be visible to the status owner in our next release. #pixelfed

If you use BBB (Greenlight) or Nextcloud, I have a BBB and Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend you can use if you DM me.

@schwegler went an entire year thinking I was 40 and not 39. That was a trip.

@markusblogde tried again yesterday, it’s really strange - remote (iOS) talk seems to work, but the web version of talk from Nextcloud in Safari, Edge, Chrome, FF just sits there with the RTT logging in the background. I wonder if there is any logging I can turn up on the talk client itself to see what the culprit might be?

@markusblogde this is the Docker one ... using Docker-compose. Tried to turn up debug logging but isn’t giving anything interesting.

@markusblogde greetings! I am attempting to follow your instructions on Nextcloud HPBE and can't seem to make it work. Calls just always say "starting call." Logs only show RTT from spreedbackend. Any diagnostics? Only change from your instructions is to run on port 8081 and not 8080.

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