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Being a GOP pundit rn is like answering the “sell me this pencil” job interview question but halfway through ur answer the pencil turns into a box of baby spiders and then the spiders are on fire and then the box is actually acid and it’s burning the flesh from your finger bones

They’d have to shoot me to keep me from throwing my body in front of a shooter. Ironic.

Loving the shit out of this!
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For years, US veterans and their families have fought arduously for better health care - an important issue @jonstewart and his team have covered extensively on @TheProblem.

Yesterday, Jon was in attendance along with many vets as @POTUS officially signed the PACT Act into law.

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FUN FACT: The bill that increased the penalty for retaining classified materials, which Trump signed into law, and which now threatens him, was originally sponsored by ... Devin Nunes.

God, we suck so bad at consumer stuff (aside from Xbox of course). Why can't we delight consumers when we are ALWAYS coming up with great solutions and then just killing them off? Sad.

This is bullshit. @Snapchat described this as "knowing who your kids are hanging out with at a park without knowing what they say." In what world is Snap like that? If my kids are at a park, I have high confidence they are fully clothed.

The fact that to the rest of all of humanity how absurd we are makes me so sad for the country I love so dearly.

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Ah the joys of having the cousins from overseas in town! Fun bonding, lots of playing, late night giggles, and having to explain why it’s normal for armed guards to be standing in and around our church. The look of “wtf is wrong with you people” was palpable and we deserve it.

We need a new level for fact checkers. Pants on fire doesn't do this one justice. I recommend: "please, for the love of God, don't reproduce"

Who were the 11 feckless turd balls that voted no. Oh wait, I know exactly who they are 🙄
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The has passed the Senate! This is for all our brave veterans, and especially for all those who fought so hard in their final days to make sure no one else would go through what they did.

Well, that's fancy and awesome!
A U.S. airstrike has killed al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri in Afghanistan, according to a person familiar with the matter.

President Joe Biden is expected to discuss further details of the operation in a 7:30 p.m. EST address to the nation.

but this Insta crap is too far. Holler if interested. Suggest parents take it for a spin first to see if they like. Cost is free for now - will evaluate if it's successful and then decide if I can just pay for it or if I need help.

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security from a person (me) not some nameless corporation, and moderation. It's called Pixels and works on web, iOS, Android and supports importing your Insta. Starting with my kids today, open to your kids by request.
I'm sure it's not a fix all, ...

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