Loving the shit out of this!
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For years, US veterans and their families have fought arduously for better health care - an important issue @jonstewart and his team have covered extensively on @TheProblem.

Yesterday, Jon was in attendance along with many vets as @POTUS officially signed the PACT Act into law.

Who were the 11 feckless turd balls that voted no. Oh wait, I know exactly who they are 🙄
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The has passed the Senate! This is for all our brave veterans, and especially for all those who fought so hard in their final days to make sure no one else would go through what they did.

Why aren't these features of the "not lite" version of Outlook?

My senator @tedcruz is a piece of shit.
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A Message to and from Mister Senator Ted Cruz...Attorney at Law


The scale is just mind boggling
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BREAKING: more than 100,000kg of plastic removed from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP).

Thank you to our determined offshore crew and supporters worldwide; together, we have now officially cleaned up 1/1000th of the GPGP.

The fact our stock sank with this kind of amazing news boggles the mind. How that can be a "miss" given the macro economic situation is infuriating.

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I talked to former D.C. police officer Michael Fanone outside the .
Here is his response to seeing video of Sen. Josh Hawley running away from rioters after fist bumping them earlier in the day on Jan. 6 :

"Josh Hawley is a bitch", said Fanone. twitter.com/politico/status/15

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I love that they got a guy named Rick Martin to write this article about Ricky Martin

God bless these and all the beautiful souls dying at the hands of the Russian dictator.
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's missiles in yesterday claimed the lives of this boy and his mother. They were killed in one of the city's medical centres, where they came for an appointment.
R.I.P. Memory eternal.


I've said this many many times and no one seems to listen except 1 person (hi mom) - I have a mental illness that causes extreme anxiety. Guess what one of my triggers is? EFFING NOTIFICATIONS - STOP IT YALL
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If news in Widgets wasn't annoying enough, they are now going to release notifications on news in the widgets pane and Taskbar
Build 25158: blogs.windows.com/windows-insi

As well as search, start menu, and the damn browser. Good lord it's like Bing is in charge of the OS.
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New Windows 11 insider preview build 25158 Taskbar Web Search boxes. Now you can search the web from your Desktop, Widgets panel and Taskbar


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