Is it me or is the Fediverse 98% Japanese Anime porn?

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@NekoAmps my own but following the federated feed. Found several promising domains to simply block. 😎

@derek I do wonder, if I ever start an instance of ActivityPub compliant software, whether I will need to block any other instances. I think curating the federated timeline would be enough, but I'm just speculating.

@NekoAmps I decided on my own instance of Mastodon and have limited signups to just friends and family. Then I added myself to a fedverse feed and simply started blocking domains that are overwhelmingly not what I'm interested in. Works so far!

@derek If I can ask, how does adding yourself to a feed work? Are there distinct starting points to the Fediverse?

I'd assumed coming into the thread that you were new, but I'm unsurprisingly the new one here. Curse my hubris.
@derek Oh, that's neat! I'd assumed Masto starts federating as soon as it's booted up, but instead an instance must join a relay? There really are starting points to the Fediverse then!

Thank you (^n.n^_)
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