Tomorrow's corporate corona time update is gonna be brutal. Why people can't wear a mask is simply beyond comprehension.

So I was looking thru old pics yesterday. Saw one of me at a camp in fifth grade. Also was someone I recognized from college. No idea we knew each other then. Sent a hello with the pic to them on FB. Message opened, no reply. Kind of sad.

On my beautiful MacBook. Runs Windows 10 like a boss. But when I’m in Mac mode, the Touch Bar at the top is completely useless…EXCEPT when I’m in working with Tables. THAT is game changing.

Sad that I did not get a Surface Duo to demo/review. I totally should have been on that list :)

Here, the speaker is talking about nepotism. Oh the irony... see bottom lineup

It's strange - I'm afraid to follow people on the fedverse for fear of accidentally following ______ someone scary. Not that everyone is scary of course, just that, well... yeah.

Colin Powell: ‘He will trust our diplomats and our intelligence community, not the flattery of dictators and despots’ #DemConvention


Day 6 of concussion. Pain subsides, as long as the meds flow. Back online for a few to make sure the world isn't on is. Now back to my cold, dark, quiet room for another week. bleh

Consumed my entire daily allotment of internet posting this toot. Concussions suck.

Got in a bike wreck yesterday. Everything hurts. Concussion and sprained C1. But I did get to cross cat scan off my bucket list!

Ewe, got federated with a whole server of maga heads - bye!

Is it me or is the Fediverse 98% Japanese Anime porn?

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