This is hilarious...and a YEAR away...lordy.
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Hard keeping my mouth sewn shut about this one. ⚔️

Good ol @tedcruz /@SenTedCruz - in for a penny, in for a fascist pound.
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The Senate Rules Committee votes 14-1 to approve reforms to the Electoral Count Act, which would help prevent another effort to overturn the election results.

Ted Cruz (R) was the only NO vote.

What cracks me up about this particular news article - 17 years ago, to marry my wife in OK, I had to get a syphilis test. Not an HIV test - Syphilis. Or no marriage license. My home state got issues yall. (I passed both tests btw lol).
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SURGE in syphilis cases in Oklahoma.
OSDH is encouraging individuals to recognize the symptoms and seek free, confidential testing when needed. Symptoms typically include painless lesions w…

That’s a Biden Win!
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Asteroids destroyed during presidency:

Joe Biden - 1
Donald Trump - 0

The numbers don’t lie.

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My synagogue is building a new sanctuary and so we were without a place to gather this Rosh Hashanah - but our neighbors at First Presbyterian Church opened their doors and let us use their beautiful church for the occasion. Thank you to all the members of First Presbyterian.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck...then clearly it needs to be in Azure Dev Ops because duck or not, ADO is where it goes.

Not a huge @starwars fan but they produce faster than @StarTrek. Can I just comment how wonderful it is to see a show NOT set on a dessert planet?

Madly hitting 'refresh' on a thing to be the first to try a 'thing'

This is excellent. I wonder if @session_app has similar options or if it is more resilient to the blocks?
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A request to our community: Signal is blocked in Iran. You can help people in Iran reconnect to Signal by hosting a proxy server. If you’re willing and able, please follow the instructions here: 1/2

Has anyone figured out a way to hack together getting iMessage into MS "Your Phone?" I'm SO close - Mac + Surface Duo plus AirMessage gets the iMessages to the Duo. But Your Phone only looks at the stock SMS app. I think I can hack a

If Tim Apple wants me to have all Apple devices (I do), then they really REALLY need to get connectivity chaos fixed cause it is beyond annoying.

Was just thinking about how incredible our News products would / could be if we just immediately dropped all the ads. Not like we can't afford to do so.

It's really pretty (when not in dark mode), but so annoying that it takes the very first opportunity it can find to open up a ($&%*@Q*#4& browser window to OneDrive.
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Updated Photos app for Windows 11 begins rolling out to Windows Insiders

The biggest difference? Lack of SIM. The second biggest difference? Annoyance.
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eSIM vs. SIM: What's the difference? by @ZDNET

I grew up fearing Russia and their amazing military might. A proud service with storied history. Historically probably some truth there. This thread teaches me that they are a weak power with a nuke to keep them “safe.” And that’s even scarier.
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...recruiting prisoners & using paramilitaries like the Wagner group) will be extremely difficult.

And placing "newbies" on a front line that has been mauled, has low mo…

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